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Noble Nectar is a Premier Cannabis Extraction company located in Noble, OK. We are family owned and operated. Our Product lines include Flawless, VVS, and White Label Processing.

White label is for our processing tier.

This is our Very  Very Special Line which includes genetics that yield more so we can offer them at a more afford price. This comes from sungrown flower.

This is our High End  Ultra Refined Concentrates. The quality is superior to anything else on the market.  This comes from indoor flower.

Color Remediation Cartridge

The C.R.C., or color remediation cartridge, is a filter designed specifically to hold and retain a compact bed of absorbent and adsorbent powders. The cartridge is mounted inline after the material column on a closed loop hydrocarbon extractor. The filter aids in the removal of chlorophyll, xanthophyll, pheophytin, lycopene, anthocyanin, lipids which include but are not limited to phospholipids and heavier waxes , pesticides, sulfur, and color compounds.