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Join the Quest Before 4/20

We will be live on Instagram        (@NobleNectarExtracts) 4/20 giving out Prizes all day!!

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Xbox One Series X ($1000 Value)

100x 4.20 Gram Baller Jars ($120 Value)

Eternal Quartz Terp Slurpers ($500 Value)

Dab-rites ($249 Value)

Blazer Big Shot Torches ($70 Value)

Noble Nectar Swag ($20)

And Much More!


Eternal Quartz Terp Slurpers!

Just Released!


Giving Away 100 4.20G Baller Jars!



Collected all the Dab Tools?

Wooo You Made it! Lets get you your Reward/Entered for the Grand Prize!

Go ahead and follow this link to fill out your dab tool information! Make sure to take the picture correctly showing all your Dab Tool #'s. We will reach out to you in 24-48 Hours once we verify your winning pieces are valid.  

How to Win?

Multiple Ways to Win!

Below is your Gameboard. Collect all the tools to win a Baller Jar(We are giving out 100!) and to be entered in for the Grand Prize and other Prizes! Play along on the gameboard to win other random prizes! The more you play the better chances you have of winning! Good Luck on Your Quest to 4/20!

Follow Us On Instagram

This is the best way to stay updated!

We will be frequently updating Instagram with nice juicy tips! Also follow the Dungeons (Dispensaries) on the list for updates as well! 

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