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Noble NFT Program

Steps to Register

Step 1

Set up Opensea Account and Connect Wallet
Go to and Connect Wallet (We Recommend using Coinbase).
Create a MetaMask/Coinbase Wallet if you do not have one.


Step 2

Make sure your wallet is enabled to take Polygon. Coinbase accounts should be polygon enabled already. But if you are using a different wallet like Metamask you will have to manually enable Polygon capabilities in your wallet. Click here for instructions on how to manually enable Polygon on your Metamask wallet.  

Step 3

Find Wallet Address
Once in your Opensea account click the Wallet Icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen and you will have My Wallet pop out of the side of the Webpage. The Wallet Address will be displayed in the right hand corner of the Wallet Popup. Click the address and it should say "Copied"


Step 4

Fill out the Form Below

Register to Receive your NFT
Upload Image
Upload Image

Thanks for submitting!
We will be processing your request and will be reaching out to you in 4 to 7 Business Days

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