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Product Lines


Noble Nectar’s “Flawless” line represents our quality concentrates that are single-sourced from seed to sale! Noble Nectar creates our fabulous Flawless line from live nugs straight from the greenhouse.

Live Resin


Cherry Diesel Diamonds.png

Named after their crystalline appearance, Diamonds are known for their high THC potency and a very instant, intense, and euphoric high

Grease monkey plasma.png


A refined live sugar with a more homogenized, terpy experience. Plasma is the perfect combination of crushed down high THCa diamonds and terpenes.

1 Live Resin Cart.png

Live Resin Cartridges

Our Live Resin Carts are truly dabs on the go as they are made with no distillate and only fresh frozen nugs providing the purest smoking experience! Paired with Noble Nectar’s customized portable batteries and chargers, these Live Resin carts are perfect for anywhere anytime.


At Noble Nectar, The Drizzle Line is extracted directly from full top nugs, kept LIVE then flash-frozen. These frozen babes go through a natural system of low temperatures and high pressure to allow for terpene preservation and high cannabinoid concentration! (Meaning potent THC levels and lots of terpy aromas.)


Premium Jam

Noble Nector Tropaya Jam.png

Premium Batter


Solventless Cartridges

CBD Prerolls

That’s right, we have CBD pre-rolls! Noble Nectar provides trusted and tested Delta-8 infused pre-rolls (COA Available) in single and 4-packs. This flower is rolled into perfect portions for a balanced CBD/THC experience. This medicine is the perfect combination of ease and enjoyment without the intense high!

Delta 8


Delta 10


THC-O Acetate

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